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Floor Accessories

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Bostik BEST Urethane Adhesive 5 gal.

Estimate coverage 200 sq.f.t / pail

US$ 149.00 / pail


Bostik MVP4 Moisture Vapor Protection 5 gal.
Estimate Coverage 225 sq.ft. / pail
Reduce Moisture Vapor Transmission from the subfloor
Noise Reduction achieved an IIC=62 and a STC=61

US$ 199.00 / pail


Bostik Vapor-Lock, All-in-One Adhesive 4 gal.
Estimate Coverage 120 sq.ft. / pail
0 VOC, Up to 15 lbs moisture limitation
IIC=50dB, 69w/Ceiling

US$ 155.00 / pail


Bostik UltraSet SingleStep Adhesive 4 gal.
Estimate Coverage 120 sq.ft. / pail
0 VOC, None. moisture limitation
IIC=52dB, 71w/Ceiling

US$ 245.00 / pail



Mapei Ultrabond Eco 995, All-in-One Adhesive 5 gal.
Estimate Coverage 150 sq.ft. / pail
Low in odor and VOC content, Up to 15 lbs moisture limitation

US$ 175.00 / pail


Mapei Ultrabond ECO 975 Adhesive 5 gal.
Estimate Coverage 200 sq.ft. / pail
Low in odor and VOC content

US$ 115.00 / pail


General Polymers Deco Rez Epoxy 3501 Moisture Guard

Estimate Coverage 450 sq.ft. / set

US$ 139.00 / set


DriTac Wipe-Aways Adhesive Remover for Hardwood floors

US$28.00 / ea.


Using the Wood Doctor, you will be able to quickly and easily touch-up and repair a wide range of imperfections and impairments to wood, laminate, cabinets, and trim. search "The Wood Doctor"

US$ 295.00 / kit


Great for laminate & engineered wood flooring as well as many siding or roofing materials! This model will cut up to 9 inches wide and 1 inch thick on approved products.

US$ 499.00 / ea.