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Thank you for your interest in iNetFlooring. We focus on several different types of customers:
· Homeowners
· Contractors
· Architects
· Interior Designers
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· Wood floor-installation experience in Southern California since 1989

· California State License number: 829812 / iNetFlooring, Inc.
C-6 / A framing and rough carpentry contractor performs any form work, framing or rough carpentry necessary to construct framed structures; installs or repairs individual components of framing systems and performs any rough carpentry or   associated work, including but not limited to the construction or installation of: sub-flooring, siding, exterior staircases and railings, overhead doors, roof decking, truss members, and sheathing. The amendments made to this section in 2002 shall become operative January 1, 2003, or as soon thereafter as administratively feasible, whereupon any licensee who has passed the C-5 Carpentry, Cabinet and Millwork trade examination on or after January 10, 2000, up to the effective date of this section, shall have the C-6 Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry classification added to the applicable license
  C-15 / A flooring and floor covering contractor prepares any surface for the installation of flooring and floor coverings, and installs carpet, resilient sheet goods, resilient tile, wood floors and flooring (including the finishing and repairing thereof), and any other materials established as flooring and floor covering material, except ceramic tile.

· Contractor's Bond #SC6339257 / Economy Bonds
  Bond Amount $ 12,500

· Insurance #92-xk-9512-6 / State Farm Insurance Company
  Business Liability $ 1,000,000
  Gen Aggregate $ 2,000,000
  Products-Completed Operations $ 2,000,000

· Workers' Compensation #72WECRY3978 / Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company
  E.L. each accident $ 1,000,000
  E.L. disease-each employee $ 1,000,000
  E.L. disease-policy limit $ 1,000,000

. Member of National Wood Flooring Association. (N.W.F.A.)

· Certified Sales Counselor From N.W.F.A. LIC.#SCxx3807

· Certified Hardwood Floor Installer From N.W.F.A. LIC.#CWIxx2311

· Certified Sander and Finisher From N.W.F.A. LIC.#CSFxx4011

. CFS - NORMI™ Certified Formaldehyde Screener
  The CFS has completed a course on formaldehyde, 
the sources in our indoor environments, its deleterious health affects,
  screening processes to establish baselines and improvements,
  and methods by which formaldehyde in indoor environments may be substantially reduced and managed.
  The first training of its kind is offered to the public and IAQ professionals 
who are concerned about reducing and managing formaldehyde levels and other VOCs.
  Professionals are trained in utilizing both formaldehyde and microbe sampling to create healthier environments indoors.

· Certified EPA Lead-safe, Renovator Initial. Certidicate#R-I-47882-11-00073

· Certificate of Advanced Installation School From N.W.F.A

· Certificate of Installation, The Next Step From N.W.F.A

· Certificate of Finish, The Next Step From N.W.F.A.

· Certificate of Professional Sand and Finish From N.W.F.A.

· Certificate of Sub-Floor Solutions, Preparation and Level From N.W.F.A.

· Certificate of Professional Sand and Finish From  Bonakemi, U.S.A.

· Certificate of Moisture Seal From Anderson Hardwood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Bruce Hardwood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Anderson Hardwood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Country Wood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Columbia Hardwood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Virginia Hardwood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Mannington Hardwood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Lauzon Hardwood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of TarKett Hardwood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Oasis Wood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Urban Wood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Garrison Wood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Armstrong Wood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Ark Wood Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of BR111 Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Johnson Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Tecsun Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of Amazon Flooring

. Authorized Dealer of US Floors

Anti-dumping allegations will profoundly effect engineered flooring market.

Does warranty cover used for Bostik BEST and MVP...
**Any warranty on a wood flooring product is specific to the wood.  Wood flooring adhesive and moisture warrantys are specific to the manufacturers of the products used for installation.
If Bostik is used, you will have to rely on them for moisture and adhesive warranty.  If a Mohawk wood flooring is installed with Mohawk adhesive and moisture barrier, it will be covered 100% by Mohawk.
Mohawk requires acclimate for 48 hours prior to install. Do I need to open box??
**It is recommended the material remain in the box during acclimation.

Does warranty  cover for glue down installation such as NET FIT against fireplace and tile??
**All areas adjoining walls or different flooring materials require a joint.  Wood requires space for movement.  Net Fit will be at your own risk.

My customer has concerned about 5/8" or 3/4" x 3" solid Brazilian Walunt, Does BR-111 warranty covered once glue the floor top on concrete??
**As per our conversation from today, Bona products are safe to use in the installation of our products.  BR111 will stand behind the warranty of 50 years on the finish of the wood once the floor has been installed. 

Do you carry wood flooring Made in the USA??
**Yes, Anderson, Bruce, Mohawk, Columbia, Tarkett, Mannington and Lauzon etc..

Do you carry engineered wood flooring with free of formaldehyde??
**Columbia and Mohawk Flooring used PureBond "formaldehyde-free technology"
Replacing traditional urea formaldehyde (UF) hardwood plywood construction with non-toxic, soy-based
 enables Columbia to eliminate any added formaldehyde from standard veneer-core and non-UF
composite hardwood plywood core panels. That's great news for our employees, our customers and the air we all breathe.

Do you carry 3/4" CDX plywood with free of formaldehyde??
**We carry PureBond "formaldehyde-free technology" 3/8" and 3/4" CDX grade hardwood plywood used for sub-floor.
-Non-Toxic Technology.
-Soy-Based Adhesive.
-North American Made.

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